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                                                             Frequently Asked Questions

What is a journeyperson?
A journeyperson is someone who has acquired the knowledge and skills in a trade and has been issued    a Certificate of Qualification by a provincial or territorial authority in Canada.

What is a Certificate of Qualification (C of Q)?
The Certificate of Qualification is a document issued by the province to a person who has met the standards of the trade, by writing and passing the certification examination for that specific trade. A    Red Seal endorsement will be affixed to the certificate of qualification for the person who successfully challenges an Inter-provincial Standards Red Seal  examination. By obtaining a Certificate of Qualification, you will become a journeyperson and be recognized as a professional in your trade.

What is the difference between Red Seal & Non-Red Seal Trade?
Red Seal means the journeyperson is licensed to practice his/her trade in any province or territory of Canada. While the Non-Red Seal can practice in their specific province or territory.

How often do you update your information package?
Our information package is updated frequently as we strive to provide only the latest and most useful material.

How can I download the material from your website?
After the checkout page, the material will immediately be available for download. Please make sure to download all files. 

Can I download the material on my Phone/Laptop/Desktop/Tablet?
The material is in PDF format and is downloadable & accessible on all computers and mobile devices.   

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