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Auto Body Repairer

This skilled trade exam preparation package for Auto Body Repairer includes more than 1000 multiple choice questions with answers. By preparing the given package, you will be confident in challenging your trade exam.


After the checkout is complete, the material is immediately available for download. This Auto Body Repairer exam package is in PDF format and can be downloaded and viewed on any device.


Auto body repairers keep vehicles looking great and on the road. They repair and restore damaged body parts and interior finishing. This work includes hammering out dents, filling in holes and seams, and painting damaged body parts.


Auto body repairers are responsible for restoring the structural integrity of damaged vehicles during the repair process. This generally involves cutting away damaged components and welding in new or recycled replacement components. Precise work is critical to restore the vehicle to its pre-damaged condition and to ensure that suspension and steering components are accurately aligned.


Trade code for Auto Body Repairer in Ontario is 310Q.

Auto Body Repairer

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