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Instrumentation & Control Technician

This skilled trade exam preparation package for Instrumentation and Control Technician includes more than 1000 multiple choice questions with answerss. By preparing the given package, you will be confident in challenging your trade exam.


After the checkout is complete, the material is immediately available for download. This Red Seal Instrumentation exam package is in PDF format and can be downloaded and viewed on any device.


Instrumentation and Control Technicians install, maintain, program, test, calibrate, and repair the instruments that monitor and control processes. They may observe the indicators that monitor temperature and chemical reactions in processing plants, the sensors in fire alarms, or the control loops and computers used in manufacturing.


Instrumentation Technicians make sure that the equipment used in these facilities meets government and company safety standards.


This trade is Red Seal, which means the journeyperson is licensed to practice his/her trade in any province or territory of Canada. 


Trade code for Red Seal Instrumentation & Control Technician in Ontario is 447A.

Instrumentation & Control Technician

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